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Extracting is not magic, but it is a combination of science, art, time and temperature. You are dissolving chemicals of various polarities with solvents of like polarities. Apply heat or cold, add time and pressure and you change the properties to the desired effect. Hydrate or remove the moisture for specific products and you have a raw version of the product you are attempting to isolate.

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With over a 50 years of combined experience we are confident we have the solutions for all your extraction needs. With current 420Patients.com  caregiver networks in 4 states providing local flower product for 420Extractions.com and several successful products launches including Bhang Chocolate, HerbaMist, 420Suckers, 420Infusions, Ganja Gourmet Kitchen to name a few… we feel confident we have the solutions you are looking for. We currently manage over 100,000sf of cultivation space and utilize state of the art technologies in professional settings to increase yields and reduce costs..

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a super-critical fluid, meaning it converts into a liquid form when pressurized. At the same time, it is a pure chemical substance that occurs naturally and leaves behind no residues.

Accordingly, the Super-critical CO2 extraction method (aka CO2 extraction) can help ensure concentrates are pure, making it a good option for patients in search of a natural form of cannabis oil.

Super-critical CO2 extraction is already a standard extraction method for the food, dry cleaning and herbal supplement industries. It is a common food additive as well.

In fact, CO2 is used to produce carbonated soft drinks, in the removal of caffeine from coffee beans in order to make decaffeinated coffee, as an environmentally friendly solvent for dry cleaning, and as an extraction solvent when producing essential oils. Super-critical CO2 is also common when pesticides and metals are extracted from agricultural crops.

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