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Mahatma Concentrates was established in 2010. We are an independent extraction company, whose primary focus is to create the very best available. Our core beliefs as a company are simple, “produce the best” and everything else falls into place. We are dedicated growers of the plant, our core growing practices ensure quality starting material, that has been properly grown, flushed & cured. We brought these practices to light in 2010, when we opened Mahatma in the beautiful State of Colorado. We hold both a Medical License and a Recreational License to be able to process award winning concentrates for the Colorado market. We look forward to continued regulation by the State and the Marijuana Enforcement Division, which is in place to help us as a new emerging industry. We are currently working on projects to establish ourselves as an industry leader, leading by example on safe and proper extraction methods and practices.


Image of Mahatma Cannabis Extract ProductHYDROCARBON EXTRACTION

Mahatma Concentrates extraction methods are currently hydrocarbon based, meaning we extract via solvent. The solvent we use in our hydrocarbon closed loop extraction equipment is N-Butane. We use a CP grade 99.8% pure N-Butane, and our system recycles it, not allowing any gas to evaporate into the atmosphere. Solvents used in our extraction process, are then purged from the oil, further refined and processed, leaving minute/no residual solvents left in the final product. All of our hash concentrates meet Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Divisions requirements for hydrocarbon extraction companies. We are required to test every hash concentrate batch that is produced, for residual solvents and potency. This system is a must to help eliminate our carbon footprint. Recycling hydrocarbon gas for extraction is the new standard in Colorado, which we are happy to spearhead. This method sets the stage for responsible practices, and we are working with local government to ensure public safety is our prime objective. We are currently running the most advanced closed loop hydrocarbon extraction system, which has recently been signed off by the City of Denver Fire Department. Our hydrocarbon extraction system is ETL Listed, and meets all requirements by the City of Denver & the State of Colorado. We currently are focused on hydrocarbon extraction methods, and offer Wax, Shatter, Honeycomb & Oil.

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